Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne:Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I save XP?

In the configuration file (war3ft.cfg) set mp_savexp to 1.

What is the difference between long term and short term xp?

Short term experience is not saved, so with each map change you have to re-earn you experience. Also, when you gain experience and change races on short term, the experience gained stays with you. In long-term mode, you have to gain experience for each race individually. This experience is also saved so you can rejoin the server later and continue (unless the server admin deleted your experience).

How do I choose my language?

When you're in the game, type amx_langmenu in the console.

Is CS 1.5 supported?


What mods are supported?

Counter-strike, Condition Zero and Day of Defeat.

Will this work on a listen server?

Yes it does, the installation is almost identical to a normal installation.

Is it possible to use bots with war3ft?

Yes, try using podbot at bots united.

I don't like the Orc grenades, can I disable them?


How do I change the prices of the shopmenu items?

For any version before 3.0:
The prices are stored at the bottom of constants.inl, you can change the values but you then must re-compile the plugin.

new const itemcost[9] =					{1500,2500,1000,800,2000,800,2000,1000,4000}
#if MOD == 0
	new const itemcost2[9] =			{7500,1500,1500,1500,1500,1750,1000,9000,16000}
#if MOD == 1
	new const itemcost2[9] =			{800,1500,550,1500,1500,1750,1000,9000,16000}


Will this work for Counter-Strike Source?


I have an idea for a new race, will you add it?


What is the difference between amx and amxx?

See here

What is the chameleon race?

It is a 9th race added by bad-at-this that will allow server administrators to either SET the skills for that race, or the skills will be randomly chosen each round. To set the skills, you may do so in your war3FT.cfg file.

Where do I find information on how to bind my keys?

Click [http://wc3mods.net/war3ft/online/war3info.php?lang=en