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Configuration Files

After a successful installation, all configuration files will be in addons/amxmodx/configs/war3x/

|--cstrike (or czero)
          |--map_specific             - This folder allows you to create custom configuration files that are executed based on the map name
          --disabled_maps.cfg         - Putting map names in this file will disable war3x during those maps
          --short_term_maps.cfg       - Putting map names in this file will trigger war3x short term mode during those maps
          --war3x.cfg                 - All universal configuration options can be found in this file


This folder allows you to customize settings for different maps. Simply create a cfg file, called mapname.cfg, where mapname is the name of the map.

For example: to create custom item restrictions for de_aztec, you would first create a file called de_aztec.cfg, and add the following line:

war3x_item_restrictions "af"

This would restrict the ankh and amulet on map de_aztec. The value(s) in these map specific file(s) will override default war3x cvars found in war3x.cfg.

You may additionally add things such as gravity modifiers to these files.


Putting a map name in this file will turn Warcraft 3 Expansion off for that map. For example: To disable war3x during de_aztec, you would put de_aztec in this file.


Putting a map name in this file will cause Warcraft 3 Expansion to run in short-term mode.


// W A R C R A F T 3 : Expansion
// Configuration File.

// - Gameplay Options Help -------------------------------- //

// war3x_enabled <0|1>				- War3x status (1=on, 0=off)
// war3x_save_xp <0|1>				- Save experience (0=off,1=on)
// war3x_save_xp_sql <0|1>			- Save experience using SQL (0=off,1=on)
// war3x_save_by_ip <0|1>			- Saving preference (0=authid, 1=ip address)
// war3x_vote_allow <0|1>			- Allow voting by non-flagged players (1=yes, 0=no)
// war3x_vote_ratio <float>			- Ratio needed for successful vote (default=0.6)
// war3x_setxp_flag "abcde..z"			- Permission flag, sets who can use setxp/setlevel commands.
					  	  see users.ini for all valid access flags. (NOTE: ONLY 1!!!) (default="d" ADMIN_BAN)
// war3x_xp_normal <float> 			- Multiplier for all experience. (default=1.0)
// war3x_xp_objective <float> 			- Multiplier for objective experience. (default=1.0)
// war3x_xp_minplayers <integer>		- Minimum players needed on server to award objective xp. (default=3)
// war3x_ultimatewarmup <integer>		- Seconds after round start before ultimates are enabled. (default=20)
// war3x_shopmenus <0|1>			- Enable war3x shop menu(s) (1=yes, 0=no)
// war3x_shopzone <0|1>				- Restrict war3x shop menu(s) to buy zone (1=yes, 0=no)
// war3x_shoptime <0|1>				- Obey mp_buytime cvar for shop menu(s) (1=yes, 0=no)
// war3x_ankhpistols <0|1>			- Reincarnate pistols (disable if frequent crashes) (1=yes, 0=no)
// war3x_ankhautosnipers <0|1>			- Reincarnate auto snipers (1=yes,0=no)
// war3x_ankhgrenades <0|1>			- Reincarnate grenades (disable if frequent crashes) (1=yes, 0=no)
// war3x_statusicons <0|1>			- Show war3x status icons for ultimates/skills/items (1=yes, 0=no)

// war3x_restrict_items     "abc..h"		- Items to restrict. (see _restrict_help.txt for more info)
// war3x_restrict_races     "abcd"		- Races to restrict. (see _restrict_help.txt for more info)
// war3x_restrict_skills    "abc..p"		- Skills to restrict. (see _restrict_help.txt for more info)
// war3x_restrict_ultimates "abc..l"		- Ultimates to restrict. (see _restrict_help.txt for more info)

// - Gameplay Options ------------------------------------- //

war3x_enabled		1
war3x_save_xp		1
war3x_save_xp_sql	0
war3x_save_by_ip	0
war3x_vote_allow	0
war3x_vote_ratio	0.6
war3x_setxp_flag	"d"

war3x_xp_normal		1.0
war3x_xp_objective	1.0
war3x_xp_minplayers	3
war3x_ultimatewarmup	20
war3x_shopmenus		1
war3x_shopzone		1
war3x_shoptime		1
war3x_ankhpistols	1
war3x_ankhautosnipers	1
war3x_ankhgrenades	1
war3x_statusicons	1

war3x_restrict_items ""
war3x_restrict_races ""
war3x_restrict_skills ""
war3x_restrict_ultimates ""

// MySQL access configuration

// *NOTE* Linux users may encounter problems if they specify "localhost" instead of ""
// We recommend using your server IP address instead of its name

war3x_sql_host  ""
war3x_sql_user  "root"
war3x_sql_pass  ""
war3x_sql_db    "amx"
war3x_sql_table "war3x"