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Warcraft 3 XP

Warcraft 3 XP is the original WC3 plugin, developed originally by Spacedude. Dopefish continued the plugin when Spacedude stopped and kept it up to date with STEAM, CS, and AMX. Ferret is now the Lead Developer. WC3 XP is the least altered version of WC3 available. The code is very similar to the original, but with many bugs fixes and adjustments to keep it up to date. The plugin will soon have an option to add 4 new races, which is being beta tested.

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

This is a server plugin for Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, and Day of Defeat Servers. It has 8 playable races (and a 9th random race) and 2 shopmenus.

This plugin originally was created from Spacedude's Warcraft 3 plugin. It all started when Geesu (also known as OoTOAoO and Pimp Daddy) and [AOL] Demandred were trying to fix Spacedude's plugin for Steam. Geesu then started to add races after the initial fixes were applied, and war3ft was born.

It is currently maintained by Geesu.

Warcraft 3 Expansion

Developed by Ryan, this plugin has 4 races. It was created for balance and has MANY excellent effects.

Ultimate Warcraft 3

Developed by K2mia and based on war3ft's early source code. This is a RACELESS version of warcraft 3.